The 12th Odyssey Festival came to a close this year with the distinct sounds of the Pontian and Cretan lyre on Saturday 28 October at Elder Hall.

The final show called Mazi featured music, rhythms, and colours from the two regions performed by the Community’s dance academy and the Pyrrhic Cultural Association of SA who showcased their impressive footwork to a full house.

“The odyssey finale could not have come to a better close with the magnificent musicians and dancers from Crete and Pontus presenting their unique musical styles and dance,” said community president Bill Gonis.

“Tonight is an opportunity for the Greek Orthodox Community of SA to share these unique cultures with all of you through music and dance.”

The two-hour dance and music spectacle comprised two parts, with over 60 dancers and 12 local and interstate musicians who performed around 50 dance routines and corresponding songs.

“The goal for putting Mazi together was to create an artistic feast for the eyes, a delight for the ears, but most importantly a source of enrichment for the soul,” said academy dance teacher Yiannis Oikonomou.

Members of the audience congratulated the Greek Orthodox Community for the show, all in agreement that it went beyond their expectations.

The dance academy’s coordinator, Hellas Lucas, thanked the dancers of the academy and the Pyrrhic Cultural Association, as well as the musicians for the hard work they put in maintaining the Hellenic national identity and culture.