As Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Terence Quick had told Neos Kosmos a couple of months ago, Enterprise Greece is coming to Australia for a roadshow to promote investments in and exports from Greece.

Leading the deployment will be the Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism Dimitris Papadimitriou. Although the full program of the roadshow is yet to be announced, it is almost certain that the minister will visit Melbourne and Sydney in his attempt to hold discussions with Greek Australian community leaders and entrepreneurs to attract investors to Greece.

A former professor of economics at New York’s Bard College and chairman of the Levy Economics Institute, Dimitris Papadimitriou has been vice-chairman of several US Congress committees, before he was recruited by Alexis Tsipras for the role of Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism.

He has recently pointed out that “2017 will be a landmark year for the Greek economy and its growth, as conditions have dramatically improved”.

According to the Minister, the reason behind this change in economic climate is the recognition of investment opportunity that Greece can offer now that the economy is stabilised after a long period of divestment.

Choosing to lead the deployment of the country’s official investment and export trade agency, Mr Papadimitriou hopes to inform entrepreneurs about the Greek government’s focus on developing a new national growth strategy which will act as a “compass for the creation of a new productive model”.