Stonnington Council representatives were sworn in at a Special Council Meeting in November last year, and on Thursday 2 November this year they elected their new mayor. Taking over from Jami Klisaris, Melbourne’s youngest mayor, is another Greek, Cr Steve Stefanopoulos.

Cr Stefanopoulos has been a resident of Stonnington for more than 40 years, firstly in Malvern, then in Prahran and now in Armadale.

“My aim is to bring the community along on an engaged journey whereby we all develop the strategic direction for the future of Stonnington,” he said shortly after his election.

“My high level, strategic thinking, heritage expertise, open-mindedness and engaging personality will all contribute to my ability to make positive changes for the whole community.”

Cr Stefanopoulos has a strong interest in a wide array of initiatives that promote sustainability and is determined to bring those views to the table in an effort to contribute to and improve the area’s valued quality lifestyle. He expressed his optimism about what all nine elected representatives can do collaboratively as a council and said that he looks forward to “working together to achieve wonderful outcomes”, whilst focusing on heritage, lifestyle, character, and the creation of open space.

“I enjoy the cosmopolitan inner city feel of [this area],” he added.

“One thing I enjoy doing is going for an early Sunday morning walk in the neighbourhood with my partner, and saying hello to fellow residents and meeting new residents. That is what I call community.”