A new concept tapping into the ever changing energy market has just hit the Australian market, Hellenic Power, a ‘social enterprise’ as co-founders John and Frank Pandazopoulos chose to label it, that will get you a better deal on your energy bill.

The two brothers combined their competitive strengths and mutual passions determined to create a different model of raising funds within the community, that will also be a sustainable standalone business. A substantial portion of the proceeds Hellenic Power derives from energy retailers goes directly to Hellenic community causes via their newly established partnership with the HACCI foundation.

“In the spirit of our ancestors we learnt that the Hellenic community is stronger when we are together and as such can do great things,” John Pandazopoulos tells Neos Kosmos.

“This idea came from working with and for the community all my life; accross different boards. My brother on the other hand has been in the energy industry for over 25 years. We’ve always discussed what social innovation or entrepreneurial project would prospect and benefit the Greek community.”

John has decades of community service under his belt and is continuing now as a director of various government and community enterprises while Frank’s career achievements in the energy sector on a global level will help bring many energy retailers and investors to the Hellenic community.

“Hellenic Power, as of 17 November, will deal with a really big issue, energy; something that more and more people are concerned about,” John says.

“In some way people are really frustrated about energy costs, and it often comes down to one simple question, ‘Who do you trust?’ Understanding the energy sourcing is essential. We have found three major retailers that respect the power of our community as a buying group and are keen to support us all.”

“We are not an energy retailer ourselves, we reach out to all energy users and with our energy retailer portfolio, Hellenic Power will independently help people get a better deal.”

“We are building trust in the community and hopefully soon we will have a few energy retailers out there that we can do price comparisons for. We just simplify the whole process, meanwhile the people get some better deals, and the community can make some money out of it,” he explains.

Through the partnership with HACCI, a large chunk of the commission goes back into the community, ensuring support to young business entrepreneurs through sponsoring internships and careers for Greek talent. At the moment, John and Frank are targeting energy business customers with larger accounts with bigger revenue strain.

“The business revenues will ensure the back of house is up and running; then having secured that we can provide benefits to non-business customers in the future. Eventually we would like to be able to do this with household gas, electricity and maybe even broadband,” John enthuses.

“Perhaps depending on how fast we can start off we will be able to supply households in six months to a year.”

“We have already a queue of people waiting to be quoted on a better energy deal. Saving our clients money where we can helps develop a trusted B2B Hellenic community where Greeks support fellow Greeks,” John continues.

“The bigger we get, the stronger we get and the more we can give to the Hellenic community.”

To find out more go to www.hellenicpower.com