This month the Sydney Sizmos Greek Dance Company hosted and presented a concert paying tribute and honouring their 10-year anniversary entitled The Journey, reflecting upon an entire decade of service to their community.

At The Theatre, Bankstown Sports Club’s entertainment space, over 150 dance students literally caused an earthquake (sizmos), dancing, performing, singing, and altogether rocking Sydney’s Greek community.

Sizmos students as young as four years old proudly and confidently presented dances, routines, and choreographic medleys to traditional and contemporary music. In conjunction with the Sizmos entourage, many local guests and dance groups willingly accepted the invitation to participate in the event, and audiences were treated to performances by Balkan dance group Dusha Balkana with dance instructor Yorgo Kaporis, singer Elizabeth Issa, bouzouki soloist Costas Sakellaris, and Arabic drummers AMW and A Team Elie Jaajaa.

Manasis dance group also travelled to Sydney by chartered bus over the weekend, represented by Manasis Seniors, and performed dances from Macedonia, Thrace, and their signature pieces: the traditional Evolution Bracket and contemporary New Modern Bracket receiving roars of cheers and applause at every introduction, every pause, and every bow.