Amnesty International has called on Greece to immediately scrap its arms deal with Saudi Arabia, on grounds that the artillery shells could be used against civilians in the ongoing Yemeni conflict, which to date has killed some 10,000 civilians.

“Amnesty International calls on Greece to immediately rescind the sale and transfer of military equipment to Saudi Arabia and to refuse approval of the transport of every type of conventional weapons, ammunitions and war materiel to points of conflict in Yemen,” read a statement issued by the leading human rights organisation on Monday.

But it’s not the first to call for its cancellation. The controversial deal, worth an estimated €66 million (AUD $103,057,680.00) has faced strong opposition in Greece itself. Greek opposition parties have requested the deal be cancelled, while at least two lawmakers from Syriza expressed similar sentiments given the possibility that the arms could be used in Yemen.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has defended the deal, saying that there was nothing improper about the deal and that it was a “beneficial agreement for the Greek state”.