Two meaningful inscriptions disappeared from the Holocaust Memorial in Athens on Saturday.

Written in Greek and French, the words by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel touchingly called on passersby to remember the victims of the Holocaust.

The incident was called out by President of the Jewish community of Athens, Minor Moisis as an act of “vandalism, disrespect, insult”, reported the European Jewish Press.

He acknowledged that it wasn’t the first time the memorial had been targeted, and that it likely “won’t be the last either” but called on Athens to “restore the pieces that have been removed”.

To the vandals, who remain unknown at this stage, Mr Moisis said that they would “never succeed in making us alter our memory”.

Instead the memorial will continue to remain open and accessible to the general public, inviting the passerby “to walk through it, stand for a while, remember, and understand.”

”The vandals will never win,” he added.