It’s been an exciting 12 months for Tash Sultana, and news this week of the talent signing a worldwide publishing deal with Kobalt has ensured that the musician will continue of what is proving to be the ride of her life.
“We are thrilled to work with Kobalt on a global level, while staying true to Tash’s core values, strong independent beliefs and owning her music,” said Regan Lethbridge of Lemon Tree Music.
“It feels like the right home and we are excited to see where we can take Tash’s incredible songs in 2018 and beyond with such a well-respected team around the world.”
Known for her psychedelic rock sounds, Sultana can play over 10 instruments and has time again been described as a ‘one-woman band’.
Starting from humble beginnings busking on the streets of Melbourne, at just 22 years of age the musician joins the likes of Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, Bob Marley, and Sam Smith at Kobalt.
Managing director of Kobalt Music Australia, Simon Moor said he was “honoured to be working” with the popular artist who rose to fame last year with her home recordings attracting millions of views online.
“Speaking with Tash early on, it became clear that she represented the new paradigm of artist and songwriter, where ownership, creative control, and transparency are paramount,” he said.
Sultana is currently on tour around Australia.