Statistics reveal that one in five Australian children become victims of cyberbullying, a worrying figure that can leave many parents feeling anxious and helpless about where to turn for help.

Thankfully there are resources out there, one of which is the CyberParent Web App produced by the Australian Multicultural Foundation.

Accessible via any device with an internet connection, the app encourages safe and healthy use of the internet, and has now been launched with additional languages to be accessible to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The program informs parents of early warning signs to look out for in cases their children may be at risk online, and where to seek any necessary further support.

The app covers a number of current issues and concerns, starting from the basics of internet terms and definitions, social media, and descriptions of popular apps.

It also outlines dangers for young people online, including cyberbullying, online gaming and dangerous grooming, and provides practical tips on healthy and safe internet use.

It is now available in 17 languages including Greek.

To access the CyberParent Web App and accompanying guide, visit