The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is currently considering hosting an international tournament featuring the 2018 World Cup non-qualifiers.
The competition will be held next year according to a BBC report.

Procedures are still moving at a preliminary stage, while the US soccer team that also missed out on Russia, formulates a structure for the tournament.
Meanwhile, associations will be contacted once FIFA gives clearance, however, football’s world governing body told BBC Sport that it would not stand in its way as long as it followed the usual rules and regulations of international football.

Based on first reports and speculations at the top of the list would be four-time champions Italy and three-time runners-up Netherlands followed by Ghana, five-time Cup of Nations winners Cameroon and also Ivory Coast. Wales, Czech Republic, Scotland, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and 2004 European champions Greece are also considered to be among the creme-de-la-creme of world soccer.

According to Forbes, the USSF will miss out on the millions of dollars paid by FIFA to the teams reaching Russia 2018, so hosting a United States based world tournament would not only come with immediate financial benefits but it would also boost viewing figures in terms of exclusive TV coverage and sponsorship for the involved parties.