Despite a lot of pressing issues within Greece, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is not expected to spend much time in the country in January.

The Greek PM is scheduled to participate in the tripartite summit of Greece, Cyprus and Israel in Nicosia on Monday, while on Wednesday 10 January he is due in Rome to attend the summit of the heads of state and governments of the Mediterranean countries of the EU, to discuss the future of the EU, Brexit, the EU-Turkey relations, the refugee crisis and regional and international developments.

Another visit to Cyprus is next, for the first tripartite Summit between Cyprus, Greece and Jordan on 16 January. According to sources, Jordanian King Abdullah II may also attend the summit, which is seen as crucial given that the region is in turmoil after the US’ decision to transfer their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The most important date on the Greek PM’s calendar is Monday 22 January, when the Eurogroup resumes talks about the conclusion of the third evaluation of the bailout program.

The outcome of this meeting will either confirm or shoot down Tsipras’ promise that 2018 will be a year of hope for Greece.

In a radio interview, the Greek PM said, “I do not envisage 2018 as a return to the pre-crisis years. We have gone through a tragedy. We must have this tragedy as a lesson. This tragedy should act as a lesson for us never to lose control of our finances again. This recent experience must make us stronger,” dismissing any chance of elections taking place before the end of the year.