Locals on central Aegean islands have been finding dead bovine washed ashore at beaches from Tinos to Sifnos.

The incidents have worried both the authorities and the residents on the island as there is no information explaining how the animals ended up in the sea.

According to local media reports and Cyclades24.gr police and coastguard are investigating which ships have sailed through the area and if their cargo was live stock in order to find out the cause of death and reason the animals were thrown in the sea.

The first morbid find was reportedly a bull washed ashore in Galissia beach on Syros last Wednesday. Two dead animals followed at Megali Kolybihtra on Tinos with the more recent reports being from

Marmari beach on the island of Syros and Vathi beach off Sifnos. Local municipal authorities are assigned with removing the dead cattle; however, the incidents have raised some serious health concerns.