Mikis Theodorakis, the iconic composer has voiced his concerns and fears in a long blog-post regarding the ongoing “Macedonia” name dispute with FYROM.

Theodorakis, asks of the current Greek government not to betray Greece’s original and national line set during the 1992 leaders’ summit by the then Greek President Konstantinos Karamanlis.

The 92-year-old legend reminds that Greece’s stance has always been against a title for FYROM that would include or even derive from the name “Macedonia”, adding that the fact that FYROM has been using the term “Macedonia” has turned into propaganda to convince the rest of the world that Skopjans are descendants of Alexander the Great.

“Any retreat from this line will have disastrous effects for the future of our country since after the eight years of plunder of the Greek people that led us to the current dramatic situation, all that remains is to preserve our national integrity,” he writes in Greek on his personal website.

“The government of Skopje is blatantly threatening the sovereignty of our country. By using the name “Macedonia” as the vehicle, distorting the historical events to a ridiculous degree, it seeks to extend its borders at our expense to create the so-called “Macedonia of the Aegean.”

“Them leading us into bankruptcy and tearing our social fabric apart is one matter. But reaching a point where the sovereignty of our country is threatened, this is not only a huge issue but physical annihilation. Because our country will not be able to bear losing even a single square meter of Greek land. Hyperbole? Just think, who could really have fathomed of the once formidable Yugoslavia being split up? When you are afraid to say that you love your homeland and when – even worse you sell it out – is acting servile”, he concludes.