After revelations that Australia’s broadband is under countries like Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Greece sits further down the recent global speed index at 90.

Greece comes after Kenya, Philippines and Nepal respectively, with a download speed of 14.81, well below the global average of 40. World leader Singapore has a download speed of 161.21.

Explaining their listings, Ookla revealed that in 2017 global download speeds are up more than 30 per cent across the board.

“Laos showed the largest improvement in the world. Vietnam came in second with an increase of 188.7 per cent and Trinidad and Tobago was third at 133.1 per cent,” they wrote.

But in 2017 Greece was a winner at the European Broadband awards in the category of territorial cohesion in rural and remote areas.

The project, ‘broadband network development in white rural areas in Greece’ saw the deployment of broadband service in rural Greek areas that had not previously had internet connectivity.

The network covered areas in the northern, central and southern regions of Greece with 525,287 inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the Digital Ministry along with the Transport Ministry recently announced their promotion for the installation of a Wi-Fi network on 2,030 buses, trolleys and trams in Athens.

It was reported the project is expected to cost 900,000 euros and could be completed by mid-2018.