The new model Holden Commodore VE Series II has received a much anticipated upgrade for the 2010-2011 model year.

In effect, with all the changes and innovations happening to the VE Series II, the customer is assured to get more bang for their buck!

The refreshed Commodore range receives a raft of updates including 3.0 litre V6 and 6.0 litre V8 engines with direct injection capable of running on regular petrol or E85 bio-ethanol fuel.

Holden’s 3.6 litre six cylinder will also receive the E85 treatment around six months down the line.

E85 is the same fuel that powers the V8 Supercars.

In a promotional deal to coincide with the production of the new model, Holden and Caltex have collaborated in placing the ethanol based fuel (85% Ethanol / 15% Petrol) into selected Caltex service stations.

The ethanol fuel will only be good to use in the VEII Commodore and the new generation Saab and that is it!

The new non-excised mostly ethanol fuel will cost between 20 to 30 cents a litre less than premium petrol until the government decides to load it up with tax as demand increases in the future.

E85 is not very economical either as it requires 25 percent more biofuel to travel an equivalent distance as opposed to petrol.

In the long run E85 will cost more and any vehicle not designed to use the fuel will suffer major engine damage if car owners try the new brew in the wrong type of vehicle!

Cosmetic changes to the new Commodore include a new boot-lid, front fascia grille, headlights, new design alloy wheels from the Berlina model upwards and four new exterior colours.

The interior receives a new range of cloth trim, Bluetooth compatibility, USB, iPod and MP3 integration as well as a brand new 6.5 inch colour iQ infotainment, Sat-Nav touch-screen.

In keeping ahead of the pretty flat line economic times, Holden claims a 2 to 3 percent better fuel economy and has kept the recommended retail price of the new range unchanged from the superseded model.

In effect, with all the changes and innovations happening to the VE Series II, the customer is assured to get more bang for their buck!

The Statesman will cease production, however two versions of the Caprice will be made available – The top line Caprice-V will have upgraded trim, DVD player and headrest LED screens while the cheaper version will be better equipped than the Statesman it supercedes.

Another new E85/ petrol model in the mix available from around mid 2011 will be the upgraded Holden Cruze 5 door hatchback , featuring power upgrades and the possibility of a sports turbo option.

The new Cruze Hatchback is about to have its international debut on October 2nd at the Paris Motor Show.

As always, the new Commodore will form the base for the high-performance Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) E3 model, soon to be unveiled with significant cosmetic and drivetrain changes.

The main feature will be the Enhanced Driver Interface which is expected to be standard across the E3 range.

The EDI streams a variable array of real-time dynamics and performance data to the centre console LED touch screen with amazing graphics that will rival the most expensive sports cars.

The HSV range will also lose the Americanised bonnet scoops (thanks to the Pontiac GTO being cancelled in the USA), but may score an optional supercharger similar to the UK’s Vauxhall Bathurst VXR8 version of the local muscle car.

The VE Series II has already won export contracts from Brazil, the world’s largest sustainable biofuel economy and has utilized ethanol powered cars since 1976.

Holden has agreed to name the Brazilian version of the popular 3.6 litre V6 ‘Commodore’ the Chevrolet Fittipaldi after Emerson Fittipaldi the Brazilian two time World Formula One and Indianapolis Five Hundred Champion.

As speculation rises whether the world’s biofuel programs are on the right track or not, the Holdens’ will offer the best of both fuels and will certainly be in the showrooms in November after debuting at the Australian International Motor Show commencing on October 15th at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.