There are some trips where it doesn’t matter how much you pack. For instance, whenever I’m heading up to our holiday house I don’t even attempt to limit the amount of nonsense I take with me. So I end up with four jackets, three pairs of jeans, five pairs of bathers and about two dozen singlets.

Even though I know I’ll probably wear one pair of jeans and live in the same bikini for the entire time I’m there, I still like having options.

However, when you’re heading overseas or on a major trip that involves lots of aeroplanes, taxis and public transport, it’s good to pack with consideration. Below are some tips for packing for your next trip.

They are not expert rules by any means, they’re just the things that I have learned as a result of my own various travels…

· Don’t stress about forgetting something – unless you’re trekking the jungles of some third world country, chances are you’ll be able to buy whatever you need.

· You don’t need multiples of everything. If you only wear the same pair of jeans when you’re at home, then only take them. There’s no point taking stuff that you never wear normally. Just because you’re going away doesn’t mean you have to change the way you dress – it’s about being comfortable and feeling normal.

· Rolling items up together is a great way of saving space. I also like to use those mesh wash bags you can get to store all my undies and socks, that way they stay together and are easy to find.

· Don’t be afraid of travelling with only your carry-on baggage. It’s pretty liberating – you hop off the plane and are ready to go!

· It’s pretty obvious, but it really does pay to plan ahead. Where you are going and what you are doing on your holiday will determine what and how much you need to pack. A tropical beach holiday is easy to pack for because all you need are your bathers, a few light tops, a couple of maxi dresses, sandals, a pair of pants and lots of accessories to dress up your simple items. If you’re heading to a city for lots of sightseeing, you need to think practical and comfortable, with a few dressier items thrown in for special dinners and nights out.

· Create a basic capsule collection of clothes that can be worn together in a number of different combinations. Choose basics that can be layered and worn together to create different looks.

· Pack items made from fabrics that won’t crush or come out of your bag looking a mess. Jersey skirts and dresses are comfortable, take up little room, can be easily layered and can be dressed up or down depending on your requirements.

· Think carefully when you pack your toiletries, do you really need to take every bit of makeup you own? You can probably get by with some tinted moisturiser, a bronzer/blush, eyeliner, one eyeshadow palette, mascara and a lipstick. Pack travel sized toiletries – or don’t take any at all – it’s great fun buying all new stuff when you get to your destination.

Sample pack for one week in a city during colder weather (lots of walking, sightseeing, eating out, etc…)

· three long sleeved tops (white, black, grey)
· three stretchy singlets (white, black, grey)
· two pairs of jeans (black and blue)
· stretchy black wool dress
· one pair black leggings
· a knee-length jersey skirt (black or grey)
· two t-shirts (red or blue)
· a cardigan
· flat black boots (suitable for walking)
· one pair of heels
· my favourite coat
It’s not that much and it sounds pretty boring, but that would easily get me through a week and by packing some clever accessories I would pretty much be ready for any occasion. Same goes for the beach sample pack below…

Sample pack for a week at the beach

· Two pairs of bathers
· Two maxi dresses (one black, one with a print)
· One pair thai fishermans pants
· Three singlets (black, white, grey)
· One beaded/sequin top
· A pair of shorts
· A jersey skirt
· A cardigan
· A sarong
· Light jacket
· Pair of black thongs
· Pair of metallic sandals