Efrossini Chaniotis’ previous exhibition, at the Northcote Town Hall in February of this year, nearly sold out and this new exhibition Constellation Landscapes in May at the Apte Café in Alphington hopefully will do the same.

Constellation Landscapes is an extension of the same journey, stylistically, to an imaginary realm far different to what Chaniotis was previously moving through. The last exhibition featured castles, lions, rolling valleys and a reoccurring female figure that seemed almost like the heroine in a moving narrative who connects the work as a whole.

Now Chaniotis’ eye is in an imaginary world of big open night skies, verdant islands, prehistoric trees and lapping oceans. The ethereal female has gone and what one sees, are floating male-like figures that merge with the constellations of stars that dot the night skies featured in these new works. “This is a place where things form and miracles happen,’ said Chaniotis commenting on this batch of work, “it is like, I have been led to this new place and this is what I am seeing now.”

Chaniotis is an highly instinctive artist who moves through each period of creativity, like she were in dream, therefore there are no solid directives or a carefully laid out plan. So when Chaniotis has a new exhibition she said, “its hard to explain how I have arrived at this certain place or what in fact this place is, because it’s still, even for me, very fresh in my mind.”

When Chaniotis speaks about her work, she tends to talks about it in the third person as if the female figure that is featured in her previous work, for example, is seeing what she sees. “When she arrived, she was met by the sounds of humming water, singing, laughter, delight and silence belonging to the state of being in awe. She saw little pieces of magic. Carefree dancers moving in space, full of joy and taking self assured steps. She saw them dancing through fragments of light improvising and kissing the stars as they went by…in this place creation boasts and spreads out in abundance.”

Effie studied sculpture, installation and performance art in South Australia. She then went on to study in European art schools, specialising in painting and drawing. Whilst studying Fine Arts in Greece, Effie was a member of a Byzantine iconography guild and a theatre set assistant. She has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer and interior designer.

Effie has also made mural art for schools and retail shops, and facilitated creative expression workshops. What is different about this new exhibition though is that it’s not being displayed in a traditional gallery where works are hung on stark white walls, but in a café. “It’s a very beautiful environment with a garden out the back and you can come and see the work throughout the week,” said Chaniotis. These works are smaller than her previous pieces, being approximately 25cm by 30cm in their dimensions. They are also very affordable ranging from $200.00 to $300.00.

The exhibition starts on Tuesday 7 June.