Jennifer Aniston has introduced her new boyfriend Justin Theroux to her father John Aniston, according to reports on UK website

This is a significant step in their relationship as Aniston has a strong relationship with her father and values his opinion – especially when it comes to men in her life. The more opinions she can get the better. To say Aniston has had a rocky road with love is an understatement. Her marriage to Brad Pitt broke down after Pitt began an affair with Angelina Jolie. After the marriage fell apart, Aniston dated a string of men – to say they weren’t suited is an understatement. And according to People magazine, Aniston and Theroux are said to be looking for a love nest to nurture their new relationship in. A bit soon?

The 42 year-old is said to want to settle down and have children with someone and with her biological clock ticking away, she has no choice but to rush things with Theroux. Aniston’s father apparently approved the union. Best known for his long-running role as Victor Kiriakis on the daytime drama Days of our Lives, he is one father-in-law you don’t want to mess around with