New applications launched from a team of Greek journalist promise to give iPad and iPhone users the opportunity to organise their trip to Santorini, Mykonos or Rhodes and those who are already in the islands to plan their daily adventures.

“Experience Greece” applications enable the user to track all points of interest around their location (there is the ‘Near You’ feature for attractions, beaches, museums, archaeological sites, restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, clubs, stores, etc.) and they are designed to operate offline. The Experience Greece travel team which developed these apps consists of well-known Greek journalists and photographers, specialised in travel reporting, with the main contributors being Yiannis Drenoyiannis and Valy Vaimaki.

In the past 5 years the team has published more than 50 travel guides and coffee table books and they promise to those choosing to install their apps that they are the most comprehensive, trustworthy and up-to-date database of travel information. It has to be noted that the “Experience Greece” team is the first Greek publishing team that invests in developing similar content on digital platforms which is also updated on a constant basis.

In its mission statement the group mentions that their aim is to create a series of digital travel guide applications for all smartphones and tablets, based on the concept of travel experience. Currently the information is published in Greek and English but the group will look into translating the content in various languages. Recently the ‘Experience Greece’ message was displayed on an outdoor board next to London’s Tower Bridge.

The team was participating in the OTE Business campaign and their Experience Santorini iPhone and iPad applications ensured their presence there was recognised.