Alexander Billinis


Discovering the Greeks in the heart of the American ‘South’

Last August my family and I packed our bags and left Chicago, the anchor of the American Midwest, for South Carolina, the heart of the American South. The ‘South’ conjures …


Connecting to Hydra

I wrote this over 10 years ago, after my father passed away. When necessary, I will edit the text for context and to conform with the reality of today. My …


Putting names and faces to the Battle of the Atlantic

I have had the pleasure of writing for Neos Kosmos on occasion for the past several years. This is truly one of the best publications in the Diaspora, and I …


Drinking with Thracians

I love crossing borders, whether official ones with their lines and barriers, or ‘Schengen’ borders, which give the dangerous illusion that intra-European Union crossings matter as or less than those …


Hydriot Memories: My neighbour’s expanding house

We Hydriots are a proud, yet prickly, people. Our island is rough hewn and to a degree, so are we, though our hearts are big and our minds quick. I …


The Brothers Macedonian

A centuries-old conflict in a region known for discord has returned, once again, to the headlines. The so-called Macedonian Question—in this case, most specifically, what name to assign to this …


Thessaloniki alleyways and hearty northern Greek comfort food staples

It had been a long day and, as is often the case when travelling in Greece, a frustrating one. No doubt for my then six-year-old son, sweating in his new …


Stolen figs, stolen spuds

I remember it well, particularly on a freezing day here in Chicago, though over three decades have passed. We anchored our boat at Molos, a small bay well south of …


The eloquence of the abode: homes lost and refuge gained

The legacy of the population exchange, and the scar of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, is everywhere in Greece.


Vienna: where Greek first appeared in print

Given the Greeks’ large-scale migration to the area, the Austrian capital is historically one of the most significant for modern Hellenism.