Chris Fotinopoulos


Will the real Australia stand up!

Chris Fotinopoulos asks if we should also be recognising our demons on Australia Day


My Big Fat Greek Epiphany

As we celebrated the Epiphany, Chris Fotinopoulos remembered January 6, his father’s name day, as a community building event


The church of Oprah comes to town

Chris Fotinopoulos has a look at the church of Oprah, and finds it’s anything but Orthodox


Think of children in need on Father’s Day

Father’s day is an appropriate time to reflect on a community’s responsibility to children, says Chris Fotinopoulos


St Shirley of Mt Waverley

The Feast of the Dormition this weekend gives Chris Fotinopoulos cause to recall his grandmother and her friendship with a close neighbour, Shirley.


If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

Nothing irks Chris Fotinopoulos more than the banal muzak to which neo Christians clap their hands.


World game is an Aussie sport

In the ’50s and ’60s many newcomers to the country achieved cultural acceptance by doing what true Australians did: drink VB and barrack for Australia in all sporting contests.<


Religious organisations shirk moral duties

For all good deaths there are deaths that are horrible. And it’s not
because of the lack of resources, compassion or good will that this is


The value of atheist conventions

Chris Fotinopoulos makes the case that people with faith emphasise the value of diversity yet view those who are free of faith as morally unfit to participate in their discussions.


Laughing along with Sedaris at the Arts Centre

Chris Fotinopoulos asks whether the audiences laughed at Sedaris’ readings because he was funny, or because he was a celebrity and comes to the conclusion that he’s a funny celebri