Con Vaitsas


Ataturk’s famous words ‘part of the mythology of war’, but few Australians are aware of his dark legacy

I read with interest the article about a mother’s children returning home from primary school stating they were confused about Australia’s relationship with Turkey. Apparently a plaque had been presented …


Anniversary of 1 April 1978

Imagine if about a thousand people all of Greek origin were rounded up mostly in one city over a couple of days by the federal police and charged with conspiracy. …


Australian Government’s ‘citizenship crackdown’

‘I know members of my extended family and their friends, some of whom have lived here for over 60 years, who would fail at least one, if not both of these tests’.


Suddenly anyone of Greek origin was looked upon as a cheat and bludger

Nearly 1,000 people, all of them Greek-born, were investigated and placed under suspicion by the authorities throughout April 1978.