David M. Pritchard


Athenian democracy makes us reflect on war and peace

In France and Australia, 11 November is commemorated as the day when the First World War ended. A sombre day of reflection. As an Australian I am not alone in …

What is the point of our Olympic team?

The delayed Tokyo Olympics have begun. Many are understandably asking whether it was worth it for Australia to send off an Olympic team. The Australian government spent a mind-boggling $340 …


Salamis and Democracy: 2500 years later

This week, 2500 years ago, a Greek fleet, off the waters of Athens, defeated a much larger Persian one. This naval victory against the odds put an end to the …


When French historians of Ancient Greece conquered the world

Australians continue to study the celebrated funeral oration attributed to Pericles at school and at university. Often the French are surprised to learn this. For them Australia is simply a …