Fotis Kapetopoulos


Eric Metaxas’ on his biography of Martin Luther, the controversial man who took on the Catholic Church and transformed society

Eric Metaxas author of Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World greets me over the phone; “Yiasou Patritha”, (health to your homeland), Greeks carry ‘homeland’ on …


One-on-one with Alex Bhathal

I know Alex Bhathal. We would meet at our sons’ soccer game every Sunday for a season. She also used to ferry young African boys to the games when their …


Batman begins but how will it end?

Fotis Kapetopoulos tackles the upcoming by-election for the Australian House of Representatives seat of Batman.


Athens, where art never sleeps

“Whatever you do, don’t call us the ‘New Berlin'”


The diverse audience of the dead

Insight through Diversity – A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Grief and Ritual for D2KDay – Dying to Know Day.


Opinion: What would Pericles have to say about the 18C amendment?

On many occasions Mr Turnbull has turned to Greece to express his love of democracy, to link the west to our past, but is his idea of Australia truly democratic?


Laskarina Bouboulina, the Lady of the Revolution

What the early history of modern Greece teaches us about oppression and freedom.


To beard or not to beard?

As Fotis Kapetopoulos deliberates over whether to grow or shave his beard, he takes an analytical look at the beard and what it has stood for through history.


Santa was Asia Minor Greek not a white Anglo-Saxon

The problem with notions of cultural appropriation is that I’ll want my real Santa back.


The dog whistle becomes a clarion call

Dutton legitimates racism and may be signalling the end of the Liberal Party.