John Paul Hussey


In a Strange Land Greek Voice can now be heard

Sounds of Greek Aussie musicians

Glendi in March, Cafe Rebetika in May

Festival director, Dimi Lafazonos firms up the program for 2011 Glendi Festival.


Art to colour your mind

Byzantium and Latin American folk art create a new narrative of colour for Efrossini Chaniotis

Antithesis Festival begins this year

The Antipodes Festival has spawned its own ‘fringe festival’ at the end of March.


Buckets of art

John-Paul Hussey trawls through the arts calendar for alternatives to beach, BBQ and cricket

Greek Australian artists climb mountains

2010 has been a plentiful year for Greek Australian artists, with awards and success stories aplenty


Art for what you need, not for what you want

Michael Needham an artist who creates his Art in colloboration with local communities


Seeing the wood for the trees

John-Paul Hussey speaks to Konstantin Dimopoulos about his work and his latest sculptures in the US


Hellenic Art prize to mother of three

Gina Kalabishis has won the first prize in the inaugural Hellenic Arts prize which was announced last week in Melbourne.


Due Date – refreshingly funny

Zach Galifianakis stars alongside Robert Downey Jnr in the comedy Due Date