Koraly Dimitriadis


‘You should be honing your cooking skills not writing poetry’: words from a Greek-Australian troller

I was minding my own business – having a lovely day, doing my house chores, looking after my child, writing – when, after sharing on Facebook a podcast of an …


SEXPO: ‘You’re Greek, oh my God! Do your parents know you’re here?’

“We are going to move you to a bigger booth.” It was the head of SEXPO and he was ringing me on the morning of Sydney SEXPO to tell me …


Marbles and Goody’s

A response to the criticism of the ‘burger joint’ under our Greek centre and the Parthenon Marbles Replica.


Why are people congratulating me on my new boyfriend?

Since getting a boyfriend, all Koraly Dimitriadis seems to be hearing from friends and family is ‘congratulations’. But does this actually set women up for a fall?


Rocking it with the oldies

Why so many of us love musicians like Glykeria


What George Michael meant to so many of us

One word: Freedom.


Why can’t Greek culture handle honest, opinionated women?

Based on first-hand experience, Koraly Dimitriadis reveals the consequences of challenging the status quo and that of ‘Good Greek Girl Feminism’.


Koraly’s Complaint: Does your house really need to be that clean?

The Greek ‘cleaning tic’ passed down from generation to generation.


The obligatory leftovers

Koraly’s complaint.