Maria A. Kampyli


Greek couple pulled off ‘flash’ wedding to escape Melbourne lockdown cancellation

If we had to choose one key takeaway learning from 2020, it would probably be in the lines of ‘expect the unexpected’. And be ready to adjust to last-minute changes. …


Adelaide couple pulls their wedding together in only five hours

Imagine if you were given the challenge to throw together a big, fat Greek wedding, preparing everything from church to clothes, cake to flowers, cars and guests, in just five …


My first beach Christmas in Australia

Six years already in Australia and there are two things I’ve yet to get used to, and probably never will: that my birthday in July is celebrated in winter and …


Aussie Rules finds its Greek ambassador in the ‘footy-mad’ Yiannis of Thessaloniki

He lives in Thessaloniki, Greece is the father of young son, and Yiannis Kosmas runs his own hardware and coffee shop close to the White Tower. He had little to …


Lonely at the school gate: Greek students challenged when they leave one country to attend school system of another

Christos Skarakis, Felicia Thanopoulos, Konstantinos Koumertas, Stavroula Lambropoulou, Iris Michaelidis, Yiota Pavlidis and Dimitris Diplos are a group of young Greeks, aged 16-18 years old. They found themselves in Australia …