Ross Karavis


OMG2016…..The final serve

Saturday saw the culmination of six days of events for #OMGweek2016, the Greek culinary festival spearheaded by chef, TV personality, restaurateur and author G. Calombaris.


Six receive Australia Day awards

A university academic, a dentist, a neurologist, a priest a human rights activist, a philanthropist and a member of the armed services were amongst the Greeks who received Australi


Getting organised for Christmas

Neos Kosmos offers you a collection of all the places to go to and things which you can buy so that you can enjoy a culinary Christmas with a difference.


Harry’s meat: a cut above the rest

Harry Tsatsimas speaks to Neos Kosmos about working as a butcher for three decades and the changes he has seen in meats and customers over that period of time.


Greek flavour to 2011 melbourne Food and Wine Festival

George Calombaris will be among the many Greeks who are presenting events as part of the 2011 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.


Vas Donoudis: The considered chef

Vas Donoudis has forged his reputation in restaurant kitchens in Melbourne and Sydney with his take on modern Italian cuisine


Zoi’s sweet source

Zoi Condous is a pastry chef whose sweet and savoury pastries are a joy to behold


Honey from a Weed

A paen to ‘Honey from a Weed’, the classic English cookbook by Patience Gray about the food of the Mediterranean.


Food and film

Food has become an increasingly common feature of contemporary cinema, as evidenced by the three food films in the Greek Film Festival program.


The drink of the Aegean

Ross Karavis opens the bottle on Greece’s national drink.