Stephen Minas


Looking at what led to the Victoria’s ‘state of disaster’

At first, finding myself in Australia during what became a global pandemic seemed to be a stroke of dumb luck. Until June, Australia’s coronavirus record was one of success. The …


Citizenship, cities and coronavirus: Measures to protect human life

On 23 January, the government of the People’s Republic of China imposed a quarantine on the central Chinese city of Wuhan, population eleven million. The quarantine measures, designed to counter …


Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘bigger picture’ of a thoroughly liberal government

Malcolm Turnbull’s autobiography was never likely to pass without incident, even in these disrupted times. As it happened, the official launch was pre-empted by pirated e-copies circulating in government offices …


The lifelong Muscovite

It was the Greek collector, George Costakis, who saved Russian underground art from Stalin.