Thanos Pappas


45 per cent of young Greek migrants living abroad want to return to Greece, survey shows

A new survey from KAPPA Research in Athens involving 3,000 young Greeks who are living in Greece (2,007 people) and in 34 countries abroad (1,033 people), has revealed their views …


Athens v Melbourne: the liveability debate

Comparing the quality of life and the economy between Greece and Australia countries is a popular subject of discussion among Greeks, both those living in Greece and those who have …


Greek car designer George Koukos talks about cars, rembetiko, and his homeland

George Koukos is a successful car designer from Athens who migrated in order to follow his dream. Since 2006 he has been based in Turin, Italy, where he has designed …


Replicar Hellas: Vintage cars made in Greece

Ilias Gaganelis, a Greek mechanic of Pontian origin, born and raised in Germany, moved to Greece with his family in 2007 to pursue his dream. He is the founder of …


The story of Enfield Neorio 8000

It is not widely known that back in 1973, an electric car was manufactured in the Greek island of Syros from the company Enfield-Neorion, owned at the time by the …


Sophia Siachos: A Greek woman at Government House

Meet Sophia Siachos, a young Greek lawyer of Trikala and Pontian origins who has been working as an Aide to the Governor of Victoria.


Greek Australian heads Crime Stoppers Victoria’s efforts to link with multicultural community

Deputy Chair of Crime Stoppers Victoria Board of Directors Kondilo Sideris talks about the importance of the organisation’s work.


What it means to call two countries home

Australia and Greece are so different that the only apt description would be ‘worlds apart’.