Thomas Paizes


Pankration, the most ancient form of MMA

Introduced into the Ancient Olympiad in 648 BC, Pankration meaning “all-powers”, is a true submission sport with few rules. But its Australian debut took place in 1994 under the guidance …


On the search for the ultimate loukoumades

Yiayia is offering to quickly whip up some Loukoumades. Impossible to say no. Ancient Greek literature, specifically The Vigil by poet Kallimachus wrote that these quasi-donuts then known as honey …


Night capers in Melbourne’s northern burbs

It was Wednesday, a winter’s evening like others, cold and cloudless with bite. An old schoolmate and I, Saro, shared a meal at one of High Street Thornbury’s new hip …


Greek precinct revitalised with support of council

Lord Mayor Sally Capp made an early visit to Lonsdale Street Wednesday morning alongside the City of Melbourne’s general manager for infrastructure Roger Teale, to survey ongoing works revitalising the …


A journey to a new Ithaca: the Ithacan Philanthropic Society

Sitting one story above Elizabeth Street’s bustling commercial strip, Ithaca House has since 1958 been the club rooms of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society. Established in 1916 as a community organisation …