Ancient Greece

More than just a game-the ancient Greek Olympics

The ancient Greek Olympics were games where athletes competed for eternal glory

A Greek community on the boundary

Michael C Scott discusses extraordinary remains of Greek settlement in modern day Libya

How did Praxiteles see me naked?

Michael C Scott unclothes the history of statues.

Inventories of the ancient world

Inventories may sound pretty boring, but they reveal the changing fortunes of ancient Greece.

Inventories of the ancient world

Cambridge scholar Micheal C. Scott looks into Greece’s ancient love for inventories and their meaning.

Womens’ rights in the ancient world

Michael C Scott at the real power women had in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece: Skull and cross bones ahoy!

Michael C Scott looks at ancient piracy in the wilds of the Aegean and Adriatic seas

Ancient Greece: 42.195 Km and counting!

Cambridge Fellow Michael C Scott examines the length of Pheideppides’ fatal run to let all know that the Athenians had beat the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.

Finding your way

Cambridge University Fellow, Micheal C. Scott enlightens readers this week with a description of Ancient Greek religious beliefs and mores.

We can fix you – honest!

Cambridge Fellow Dr Michael C Scott looks at the way spirituality and modern medicine melded in Ancient Greece.