WATCH: British Cypriot entertainer brings bouzouki and plate-smashing to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Is plate smashing a talent? We’re not inclined to think so, but coupled with the bouzouki, Cypriot entertainer Haralambos, going by the name of Bambas, has proven otherwise. The British …


WATCH: Cyprus makes it through Eurovision semi-final, favourite to win

Cyprus has successfully made it through Eurovision’s first semi-final, securing a spot in the song contest’s grand final. Hosted in Lisbon, Portugal on Tuesday, Cyprus’ entry Eleni Foureira has also …


To be or not to be a (Greek) Australian comedian?

For first-generation Greek migrants who grew up in a ‘homogenised’ culture in Australia, comedy was a way to share in a common experience that at times included racism and feelings …


New reality show ‘My Shirley Valentine Summer’ to be filmed in Greece

A new reality series is set to be filmed in Greece, titled My Shirley Valentine Summer. Set to feature eight well-known women whose identities have yet to be revealed, the …


Tina Fey to host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Tina Fey is set to return to the Saturday Night Live (SNL) stage, but this time as a host. The Greek American actress will take centre stage for the 43rd …


Angelo Tsarouchas and George Zacharopoulos explore how defying their Greekness is mostly a pointless exercise at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Greek Canadian Angelo Tsarouchas and Greek-born George Zacharopoulos may share a vocation and an ethnicity, but what truly unites them and the many Greeks of the diaspora is a certain …


Being Greek, and the art of claiming things as our own

It’s that time of year again, when comedy fans start shortlisting the comedians to see at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and one name that should be on that list …


For Oscar contenders, something more than consolation prize: a Greek holiday

There is nothing to certify excellence in film better than a golden statuette of a nude bald man, but for most in Hollywood an oscar nomination is enough of an …

First a wedding, now a large-scale campaign; it’s Jennifer’s time

First a wedding, now a large-scale campaign; it’s Jennifer’s time.

Honeymoon in Greece

Singer Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh took to the Greek islands to celebrate their marriage.