Lexus reveals new models for upcoming season

There was something for everyone at Lexus’ showing off their brand new series of cars. Most notable among them was the RC-F, that will surely be adored by fans of …


Keeping kids interested in the Greek language? There’s an app for that

Metropolis is a Greek word, of course. It is used to describe any large, important city in a nation, the one which is a centre of a specified activity. Now …


iCry2Talk: Greek student creates app that ‘translates’ baby cries

A team of university students from Greece, lead by Iason Hatzikostas have created an app that is capable of deciphering the cry of a baby into words. The app, which …


10 amazing start-ups from Athens to watch

One of the world’s oldest cities, the Greek capital of Athens has long been a hub for arts, learning and philosophy. Its impact on life and culture echoes to this …


William Kreatsoulas creates Greek emojis

Whether you’re craving a Frappé or celebrating a birthday, there’s a Kalimoji for that. But what exactly is a Kalimoji? It was about a year ago when Greek American William …


The story of Enfield Neorio 8000

It is not widely known that back in 1973, an electric car was manufactured in the Greek island of Syros from the company Enfield-Neorion, owned at the time by the …

YouGoCulture – an online interactive platform for virtual tours around Greece

NKUoA and the e-learning programme of its Continuing Education Center address the international public through the universal language of culture.

A camera for travelling enthusiasts

Travel camera fans have a plethora of choices when it comes to which camera to chose to travel with, and the options on the market this year have made that decision even more diffi

Think about this

A review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X130e.

Google unveils new feature: Google Drive

Google has finally launched Google Drive, a cloud-based service that offers multi-platform file storage as well as a collaborative environment that allows users to simultaneously w