Libya:between Scylla and Charybdis

Gaddafi is ruthless and brutal but a NATO intervention is not the answer


Greek heads New Zealand EU embassy

Vangelis Vitalis is New Zealand’s next Ambassador to the European Union (EU) and Belgium


Record numbers at Antipodes 2011

The Melbourne Antipodes Glendi is fast becoming the biggest Greek festival in the world outside of Greece


Moody downgrades for Greek banks, government bonds

Credit ratings agency Moody’s Corporation has down

The Adelaide Fringe is looking for a centre

John-Paul Hussey continued his search for all things Greek in this year’s Adeliade Fringe.


The Carbon Tax: Its the GST all over again

The conditions of which the GST was introduced are eerily similar to the intoduction of Carbon tax argues Nick Economou


Paxos perfect

Mike Sweet reflects on a recent Ionian adventure, and the hidden charms of Paxos and Antipaxos for those who want to follow a path less travelled


Greece don’t like cricket – they love it!

Greece is using cricket to promote harmony


Australian Hellenic Council Awards Dinner

Australian Hellenic Council Awards Dinner honours the Hon Cherie Burton, the Hon David Clarke and the Senator Nick Xenophon


Stamatiki has it down to a science

Stamatiki Kritas talks to Neos Kosmos about her scientific achievements and being an advocate of Greek culture