Sydney Olympic punish weakened Sharks

Sydney Olympic gave new coach Pat Marando the perfect start to his term with a 2-0 win over defending champions Sutherland Sharks at Belmore Sports Ground.


Theo’s parting words

Controversial former Victorian politician and Minister, Theo Theophanous, talks to Neos Kosmos about his intense 22 year political journey.


Why women love their shoes

A shoe fetish is more than an expensive hobby or a desire, it is a way of life as well as being great therapy.


Four young voices come on board

Recent elections in the Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria have resulted in a record number of second generation Greek Australians sitting on the board of the 113 year insti

Ancient Greece: Sex, to partake or not to partake?

Cambridge Fellow, Micheal C. Scott, examines the unique sexual mores of Ancient Greece in this week’s column.

The Nexus between hard work and validation

Dr Norris Ioannou the Director of Nexus Multiculutral Arts was awarded the South Australian Governor’s Multicultural Award.


Right Room, Wrong Elephant

The real ‘elephant in the room’ is not population growth.


Boomer’s play: Review of The Swimming Club MTC

While The Swimming Club is premised on the lives of reminiscing babby-boomers the themes have no age barriers.


Cabaret’s ‘neo-diva’

Nikki Aitken is the Adelaide Fringe’s hottest new Cabaret star


Dominant South in VPL Season opener

South Melbourne FC draws against Altona Magic in the club’s opening match of the 2010 VPL season