Byzantine philosophy

Dr Nick Trakakis talks about Byzantine philosophy


Protesters in Crete ransack PASOK office

Anti-austerity protesters in the Cretan city of Hania took out their wrath at the reform measures being voted through Parliament on the local office of PASOK


Cultural diversity encouraged at SA show

Emerging and multicultural communities are being encouraged to attend this years Royal Adelaide Show. Multicultural SA has been consulted to aid in this development


Online dating, the new keys to the heart

The internet is slowly taking over from where our parents left off with the old fashioned set-up. Bye bye proxinia – hello broadband!


Tiger Airways to stay grounded

Tiger Airways has stopped selling domestic tickets and said it would refund fares to passengers holding reservations between now and July 31


Economic crisis good for the environment

The quality of air in the Thessaloniki has improved vastly thanks largely to fewer people using their cars and homeowners turning on their oil-fired boilers for shorter periods


A foodies winter wonderland

Penni Pappas uncovers hearty and rich comfort foods from the Greek kitchen


Football at the crossroads

Peter Kokotis looks at the current state of football in Greece


The shock of the new

Award-winning Victorian architect Billy Kavellaris is committed to pursuing intelligent design and questioning formulaic approaches to the buildings we live, work and play in


When work is Mouzakis to the ears

Australian actor Steve Mouzakis, part of the cast of upcoming Big Mamma’s Boy, talks about what it’s like working in LA