Rich vein of history struck in Sovereign Hill

We overlook the richness of our history says FOTIS KAPETOPOULOS who rediscovers the real gold in Ballarat’s Sovereign Hill


Nationwide strike brings Greece to standstill

More than 30,000 people took to the streets of Athens on Thursday as part of the second nationwide strike in Greece against the austerity measures announced by the Papandreou gover


Stav rides to rock success with Bluejuice

When someone says ‘Bluejuice,’ most people stare blankly. Those who have heard of the band respond, ‘Vitriol.’ And those in the know say, ‘Broken Leg.’ No one says, ‘Greek-Cypri


Lute master returns

George Xylouris is back to perform in Australia, where he learnt to meld diverse musical cultures.


Nick’s moment of musical exhilaration

Local double bass player and modern art music composer Nick Tsiavos
returns to the stage with the first of a two part concert series
entitled Is this what you believe?


Flatmates miniseries grabs attention online

Following in the footsteps of such quality television shows as Gossip
Girl, One Tree Hill and The OC, MTV Greece has produced a Greek drama
series aimed at capturing the omnip


Young Greek of the Week

Nicole Tsotras, who loves yiayia’s tiropita and describes herself best as passionate is our Young Greek of the Week.


A Greek chocolate master

Artemis Floratos Racovalis is one of the owners and the Director of Chocolate Master. She talked to Neos Kosmos.


Now is the time to lobby for modern Greek

The release of the Federal Government’s National Curriculum proposal and the review of which priority languages to include in the National Curriculum presents a historic window


Crashing through with Kevin?

Dr Nick Economou opines: with a general election imminent Labor needed something big to restore its ascendency in the policy debate.