Minx is the new nails

Minx Nails is a genius alternative to nail polish and a new cult nail trend in Hollywood


The Greek crisis through Aussie eyes

Papandreou has asked for activation of the EU-IMF debt rescue mechanism, so Neos Kosmos talked to some Greek Australians in Greece about their reaction.

Ancient Greece: 42.195 Km and counting!

Cambridge Fellow Michael C Scott examines the length of Pheideppides’ fatal run to let all know that the Athenians had beat the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.


Greece’s rating downgrade trigger market plunge

Greece’s credit rating was downgraded yet again by rating agency Standard & Poor’s


Getting the boot

A good boot is a beautiful thing says MELISSA CHRYS because they keep your feet lovely and warm and you looking wonderful.


Memories of best and worst

The 1994 World Cup saw the best and the worst for Greece as it qualified, only to fall apart.


Socceroos receive “interesting” AFC draw

FFA also announces a friendly match between Australia and Denmark in South Africa ahead of the World Cup in June.


Nothing too revolutionary in Rudd health ‘reform’

After three weeks of political bombast and grandstanding, Kevin Rudd has claimed to have
achieved the conditions for ‘revolutionary’ reform of the Australian
health system.<


George Pelecanos looks for light in darkness

Writer George Pelecanos talks exclusively to FOTIS KAPETOPOULOS about his latest book release The Way Home and HBO television masterworks The Wire and The Pacific.


Call for one unified voice in campaign for Greek

“Strength in unity” was the catch phrase at the SAE Oceania meeting for the inclusion of the Greek Language in the National Schools Curriculum, held last Friday in Melbourne.