ERT’s sports hunt comes to Australia

An international documentary on Greeks and sport saw Greece’s national broadcaster, ERT, visit Melbourne and profile Greek Australian sporting legends.


Cretan Journeys: The road to Sfakia

Mike Sweet visits some of the sites in western Crete that mark historic Australian actions in the Battle of Crete.


Hatzigiannis’ tour confirmed

Discover all you need to know about Mihalis Hatzigiannis in the run up to his tour of Australia in October 2009.


Biggest purse crimes

Discover basic tips on how you can convert that purse jam packed with the debris of the last three years into a slim and svelte object with none of the common detritus of everyday


Is work making you fat and sick?

Discover some simple tips on how you can counter the negative effects of working in an office on your level of health and physical activity.


Senator keeps open mind on health rebate

Nick Xenophon is keeping an open mind on the Budget proposal to scrap a 30 percent health rebate and is calling for a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the proposal.


Review Cafe Rebetika: A commanding presence

Cafe Rebetika is a success according to Chris Fotinopoulos.


Zoe Kazan wins at the Tribeca Film Festival

Greek American actress Zoe Kazan has won the award for Best Actress in a Narrative Feature Film at the Tribeca Film Festival.


A true democrat: Gage rails at quasi-Marxism

Nicholas Gage spares nobody as he talks with Mike Sweet about politics, political life in Greece and the hold of the Greek Left on the public imagination.


Cretan Journeys: A Venetian Escape

Manolis Kindelis and Roula Kastrinaki operate two eco-tourism ventures in Crete which captivate all who visit them.