Mum’s the word for George Calombaris

George Calombaris marks Mothers Day by sharing why his mother is special.


Contrarian impulses dominate Cyprus problem

Theo Giantsos asks whether the issue of Cyprus is hampered by contrarian impulses on both sides.

SBS ups coverage of Eurovision 2009

SBS has announced Julie Zammora and Sam pang will host its Eurovision coverage and that viewers will enjoy broader coverage of the world’s top pop tart moment.


Alex and Eve tie the knot in May

Alex Lykos returns with the latest instalment of the life and times of Alex and Eve.


A night out with Ploutarhos

Ploutarhos had over 7 000 fans enjoy his charity show at Hi Sense Arena which raised over $150 000 for Agapi Care.


An independent woman

Katerina Kotsonis reveals the journey she and her fellow actors have undertaken whilst performing in Cafe Rebetika!


Botox me beautiful?

Botox may be a beauty aid for women but there are risks involved in continued use.


Is red meat really bad for you?

Consider the pros and cons of eating red meat.


Champions League: All or nothing in semi second leg

The first leg of the Champions League semi-finals saw Manchester United win at home and Chelsea eke out a scoreless draw.


Volleyball championship looks red for 2008/09!

Olympiakos is two games up in the finals of the Greek volleyball championship against Panathinaikos.