Golden Dawn member gets reduced term

Right wing extremist , Antonios Androutsopoulos, had his jail term for the attempted murder of Dimitris Kousouris reduced on appeal.


Police uncover fuel smuggling scam

A fuel smuggling ring in Aspropirgos, west of Athens, was caught by police.


Citibank bombers threaten more

Extremist group Revolutionary Struggle vow to continue their public bombing campaign in a proclamation published in Greek weekly newspaper, To Pontiki


Athens cool on Obama ‘snub’

The Greek Government denies that President Obama’s impending trip to Turkey is a snub.


Europeans urge Turkey resolve Cyprus question

The European Parliament passed a resolution urging Turkey to reach a comprehensive settlement on Cyprus on the basis of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.


TV rules over Net for Greeks

A survey found that television in Greece is still by far the most popular medium for news but the Internet is catching up fast.



Professor Paul Cartledge explores the story of Hypatia, a fourth century mathematician and philosopher.


Celebration of Victoria’s diversity

George Lekakis talks about 2009 Cultural Diversity Week.


Learning to live between cultures

State Liberal MP, Nick Kotsiras, draws on his own experience as a migrant to make the case for multiculturalism.


All my Macedonian heartbreak

Theo Giantsos responds to the recent attack on the Greek bus in FYROM by making the case for why a resolution of the ‘naming issue’ is required.