Katsidis recruits star trainer

Popular boxer Michael Katsidis has recruited big names Jeff Fenech and Vlad Warton in a new-look team intended to regalvanise his career.

Four-cylinder Falcon on the way

The four-cylinder Falcon EcoBoost is expected to offer the promise of lower fuel consumption without much of a performance drop.


Samsung thanks Apple for lawsuit

Take a snapshot of this headline, because it is a very rare occurrence.

Summer debt

Mark Bouris talks about summer debt.


Regret over Canada Kyoto withdrawal

The UN climate chief has voiced regret over Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol and says the country still has legal obligations to work against global warming.



Space shuttle replacement

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan have announced they’re building a giant plane and spaceship to zip people and cargo into orbit.

Expatriate return

Home is where the heart is.

A warm voice stirring in the north

Singer Katerini Manolatos is a Greek Queenslander raised in Brisbane and currently residing in Cairns.


Cruise operator’s forecast: smoother sailing ahead

The government is taking steps to make up for mistakes and delays which have had negative effects on the cruise industry in Greece over the past couple of years.


Property tax fetches 650 million euros to top up state coffers

The government looks set to exceed its revenue targets from the unpopular property tax.