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Calombaris' Mastic is relocating

The store will be moving to the Mornington Peninsula with easy access to the best local produce, local suppliers, and fresh air

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15 March 2017

George Calombaris and the team at MAdE Establishment have big plans for Mastic, with the store relocating to the Mornington Peninsula in 2018.

"We're excited to take Mastic to the Peninsula, a region that screams 'good stuff' in every way… the best local produce, local suppliers within arms reach, and fresh air. It makes sense," says Calombaris.

"We're in the works of finalising all the details and we can't wait to share them. It's been a dream of mine to share our Mastic store with the local community down there. It will be worth the wait."

Re-locating Mastic for the MatserChef star also means that they can increase capacity at Hellenic Republic in Kew, which is often booked out.

Mastic will continue to be all about the 'Hellenic Diet' with a wholesome twist focusing on lifestyle, health and happiness.

The official opening date will be announced later this year.

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George should change his name to Jamie Smith otherwise he will be told he can have a restaurant as long as he does not open for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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