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Menounos unveils new Greek Kitchen pop up

Launching in Boston next week, Maria's Greek Kitchen will serve up local, organic ingredients, and is a celebration of the former presenter's Greek heritage

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Maria Menounos gives her followers a sneak peak of her pop up Maria's Greek Kitchen. Photo: Instagram (@mariamenounos)

30 August 2017

Former E! News presenter Maria Menounos has unveiled a new business venture, which will have a food focus and strong ties to her Greek heritage.

Teaming up with American food and service provider Aramark, the Greek American will be launching a pop-up stand called Maria's Greek Kitchen located just outside Fenway Park in Medford, Boston where the 39-year-old grew up.

"I've been working on this for a long time," Menounos revealed on her Instagram page.

The pop-up will give locals a healthy alternative fast food option, using all-natural, locally sourced organic ingredients, which she says has become a priority following the health issues she has come to face both personally and within her family.

"Don't get me wrong I love me some nachos and hot dogs but sometimes you want something healthier," she said.

"Some of the ingredients are sourced right upstairs on the fenway roof top garden!"

The former TV presenter took a step back from her television career earlier this year after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in February, and looks to be recovering well.

Meanwhile Maria's mother Litsa is still facing her own health issues, battling brain cancer.

Maria's Greek Kitchen will be launched on Monday 4 September, which happens to be Labor Day in the United States.

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