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HTC One X review

In Tech Talk this week, we review smartphone HTC One X

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23 April 2012

Yes, everyone and their uncle have an iPhone these days, but the HTC One X is among the best alternative smartphones around at the moment.

The attention-grabbing design, great performance and 4.7-inch HD resolution display is enough to impress heavy users.
As with the new Apple iPad, it's hard to see the change in resolution at first glance, but a comparison with an older model makes it clear just how much shaper images on the signature mono-block touchscreen. Some camera features are unique to this phone, such as the ability to take a photo while shooting a video. Plus the camera takes great shots after some tweaking.

User experience has improved and the HTC Sense provides a smoother ride, but it may not be fast enough for everyone. Similarly, battery life could be limited for business users, though it is passable for most users.

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