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Stick with the clothes Prada

They may deliver with clothes, but Prada's smart phone leaves little to be desired

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05 April 2012

The thing about Prada is the style, the sophistication, the class and the status one has when 'wearing' Prada. All that is stripped away in the plastic model smart phone.

So if it doesn't appeal to the fashion conscious, and it's run of the mill performance and specs won't appeal to the tech savvy, who does this phone appeal to?

Truth - not many.
To be fair, the Prada 3.0 is a big leap forward in the LG partnership with this fashion brand but it does little for the LG portfolio. You would expect more from such a high class fashion label, but the cheap plastic construction of this phone, won't impress even the less discerning or vicious of fashionistas.

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