A desperate appeal for donations of bone marrow has been launched by a Greek-American family to save the life of their six month old son Elias.

The baby’s mother Evelyn Argirokastritis posted a heart-wrenching plea on Facebook encouraging people to signup to donate their lifesaving marrow.

“My son Elias is in need of a new immune system which he would get with new bone marrow!” Ms Agrirokastritis posted Wednesday.

“This little man has had every test done to him. Undergone so many procedures under anaesthesia, was hit with the rarest type of pneumonia and made it though it all!”

“He’s a fighter and needs someone to help give him his fighting chance for a long healthy life!”

Donors with Greek heritage or similar background will be a closer marrow match to Elias.

Anyone outside Greece willing to register can do it here

and if located in Greece through this link.