A total of 37 cities across 15 European countries will have the opportunity to get a real taste of the Greek culinary heritage through the ‘Sympossio’ Greek Gourmet Touring program.

Celebrating its ninth anniversary, with the theme ‘Travel in the Peloponnese’, the initiative is organised by hotel chain ‘Aldemar Resorts’ under the auspices of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Enterprise Greece organization, and support from the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT).

A series of culinary events will be hosted in designated locations of various European countries, with the aim of showcasing local Greek produce and cuisine, as a way to promote the country’s rich culture and gastronomy abroad.

According to the organisers, the success of the program lies in the value of its synergies, coupled with top-quality products and services that provide sustainable opportunities for the growth of the Greek tourism industry.

From Greek producers and chefs to travel agents, airlines and media representatives, the initiative brings together experts, professionals and trade partners from the whole spectrum of the hospitality industry to share the secrets of traditional and modern Greek cuisine with participants or guests in a vivid experiential way.

As the man behind the idea and managing director of Aldemar group, Alexandros Angelopoulos describes, their purpose is to let emotions take the lead in “a sensory voyage into flavours and authenticity”, that pays homage to the meaning of the ancient Greek concept of ‘Συμπόσιον’: a meaningful and delicious gathering.

To find out more, head to http://www.sympossio.gr/