Lefteris Petrounias holds on tight onto his ‘Lord of the Rings’ title earning yet another gold medal at the AGF Trophy in Baku in Azerbaijan.

It is Petrounias’ eighth win in a period of 22 months which has placed him at a whopping score of 15.333 points, 0.233 points above the second competitor.

The Greek athlete has won the 2016 Olympic champion title, the 2017 and 2015 World champion, and a four-time (2011/2015-17) European medalist on the still rings  with three gold medals and one bronze under his belt.

Petrounias also competed at the 2017 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Montreal making his presence felt.

While the star of Greece’s gymnasts pantheon at the moment, another star, Ioanna Xoulogi earned got a silver medal – her first World Cup medal -at the world cup event while Constantinos Constantinidis came fourth in the same final as Petrounias gathering 14.700 points, a remarkable performance.

Meanwhile, another golden name, Vlasis Maras, is making a comeback finishing fourth in the bar.

Evelina Mayia, 16, has been listed among the “one’s to watch” finishing fifth on the floor and seventh on the beam.